Sketch Coloring

Sketch Coloring
What is Sketch Coloring? Sketch Coloring is where I take a black and white picture (ie: comic book covers, prints, posters or most anything black and white) and color it up for you by hand with marker. However, instead of coloring up the entire picture, I leave some of the picture b/w, to make whatever in that picture stand out more. This makes the picture more UNIQUE, ONE OF A KIND! Even if I did the same one 1000 times, each one will still be one of a kind.

Take this Ghost Rider cover below, which was originally sold in a black and white (a sketch cover variant, on the left). When you give me that cover to color up, you tell me what colors you'd like me to use and what you'd like colored on it, and I'll color it up for you with marker, that way. If you can't think of a anything, no problem, I'll just make it ROCK OUT for you.

Below the Ghost Rider cover, are some other examples of Sketch Colorings I did in the past.

Here are a few more examples of what Sketch Colorings are: